Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Purpose and Plan in Matthew's Gospel

This week the BSF questions required me to read through the entire book of Matthew so I haven't had time to keep up with 2 Kings, however I have learnt a lot about Matthew's gospel. I have decided that during BSF terms I will just blog my summary of the Wednesday BSF lecture, my Sunday sermon summary and Westminster Shorter Catechism thoughts. I'll get back to 2 Kings during the BSF holidays.

From the readings and questions this week
I was struck with Matthew's emphasis on the role of people's faith in Jesus' ministry, which fits snugly with his multiple mentions of the prophetic writings being fulfilled through Jesus' life and actions. From the lecture:

1. Matt 1-4: Birth and preparation of Jesus the King
Felicity explained that these four chapters show Jesus' qualitifications and preparations for His ministry. The last element of this preparation was Jesus' temptation in the desert, where He was tested for our sake and overcame Satan's temptations with the same weapon that we may use ourselves: the word of God.
: Jesus fulfilled the OT prophesies referring to Him
> We must understand that the Bible is the inerrant word of God, and we can trust that Jesus is God's promised Messiah.
For every prophecy in the Bible of Jesus' first coming, there are two prophecies of His return.
> Look forward with eagerness to this time!

2. Matt 5-25: Message and Ministry of Jesus the King
Records of Jesus' public ministry start in Matt 4:12. Jesus' teaching shows us the standard of righteousness God calls us to. Jesus' miracles and teaching demonstrate His authority and power, showing His concern for the salvation of sinners.
Q When His word is sown in my heart, how do I respond? I am trying to build my entire life on the foundation of Jesus Christ.
Q Am I bearing a spiritual harvest? Yes. I see this in my children's lives when they mention spiritual truths in their play and singing. Like Joshua singing the other day, "Jesus is the King, Jesus is the Lord, come and pray to Him!" This is not from any song we know but made up from his own knowledge of the truths of God. Anna sings similar songs of praise to God, which comes from her own childlike trust in what Jeff and I and her Bible teachers have taught her.
: The kingly claims of Jesus Christ demand a response.

3. Matt 26-28: Crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus the King
Jesus responded to hatred and torture with quiet endurance; He had come to save others, not Himself.
: King Jesus has the right to direct my life.
God doesn't make mistakes. He loves me and has sealed me into His people with His Holy Spirit.
> I can trust Him.
Q is Christ the solid rock on which I stand? Yes! I want Him to be!

Matthew was inspired by God to write this account of Jesus. Matthew purposed to follow Jesus and so accomplished a great thing.

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