Sunday, February 24, 2008

The radicalness of Jesus

Jeff J****** (Ministry Intern, and my husband)

John 4:4-42

Jeff compared Jesus' conversation with Nicodemus (the Pharisee, a man of the "best" religious standing) with the woman at the well (a Samaritan, an outcast both in terms of the Jewish faith and from her own people, also a character with an odd moral history). Jeff told us that, despite our inherent prejudices against sharing the gospel with those who are different to ourselves, this is not the attitude Jesus had. The gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone, not just people "like us".
Jeff also showed how Jesus himself was at the centre of his message to the Samaritan woman. Jesus acknowledged that he was the Messiah, sent from God (vv25-26). It was Jesus who convinced the people of that place to believe, rather than the Samaritan woman who spread to news (vv41-42). We should not be side-tracked into believing Christianity is just about morality, or discipline, or obedience... it is about a relationship with God through Jesus. It is Jesus who people respond to when we share the gospel with them, not us, even though we speak the words. Jesus is the One who engages people.

Only Jesus Christ makes a truth-based, spirit-filled relationship with God possible.

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